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EXE Yurika Miyaji Masturbator Review

Very realistic material, but also very soft and small.

This one is softer and stretches easier than the Entry Level Silicone Masturbator I reviewed. It is also physically smaller so it has to do more stretching, which adds some pressure and creates excellent suction. Some people are going to love this toy and others are going to be disappointed. From the reviews and photos I thought the pockets at the end would generate a lot of stimulation, but instead I find myself using just the first 2/3rds of this Onahole to get the most out of it. Don’t get me wrong, it still does an excellent job, and the last 1/3rd has two sets of side pockets that can hold lube and deliver it while you are using it. There is also about 2cm of material at the back that provides for a very solid backing.

Detailed specifications:

Material: TPE, very soft and can be damaged if you aren’t careful while cleaning it. The opening has a very thin area around it which provides excellent suction if you don’t accidentally damage it, however even if you do the toy still remains very enjoyable to use.

Sensation: 8/10 hands for sensation. Really good in the first 2/3rds, lacking in the rear if you don’t use the right lube. Sensation is also highly dependent on the amount of air present. Squeeze out the air for greater suction and better sensation. UPDATE: I tried this with the One Oasis personal lubricant recently and found the sensation dramatically better.

External size: 126mm long x 44mm to 53mm in diameter

Functional internal dimensions: 100mm deep

Opening (without stretching): 4.3mm x 10mm

Testure: Very realistic skin-like feeling exterior material. Textured path with a good variety of structures and several side pockets that act as lube reservoirs to keep things going.

Quality: High

Smell – None

Cleaning – Harder to clean due to the numerous side pockets, it is TPE, so you need to wash and dry it after every use. I also would recommend that you do not cum in it as the side pockets which are hard to clean.

If you would like to check it out on Amazon and see what other people are saying you can follow this link here.