Naruse Kokomi+

Another quality offering from EXE, however, I personally prefer the Yurika Miyaji by EXE

The sensation is pretty good, but also less than you expect from the photos due to how soft the material is. Overall, this just means you can enjoy yourself a little longer as it still gets the job done. The material is a very good quality and gets the job done. I’m a little concerned I’d break the toy with extended use since I’m poking out the back.

Detailed specifications:
Material: TPE
Sensation: 7/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 128 mm long x 60 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 115 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 8 mm x 3.3 mm
Quality: Good quality, but not enough material at the back
Smell: Mild rubber smell
Cleaning: Mildly difficult since it is single ended and has a very small hole.

If you’d like to check it out and see more photos, visit the Amazon page for it here.

SexFlesh Mini Realistic AD986 Masturbator

Honest reviews can’t be all positive. Sometimes you get a product and the negatives outweigh the positives.

So what does this one have going for it? Well, it is very small and a bit better than your hand, so if you travel a lot and absolutely have to have something that fits in your pocket this might be good. Right?

Unfortunately not. The product left oily stains on some paper I set it down on, imagine opening your bag or suitcase to find it has done the same to your clothes! It also got sticky after a single use even though I cleaned it afterwards.

And finally, the material, it is a type of TPE, but not all Thermoplastic Elastomers are created equally. So don’t think all TPE toys are going to be like this one. This particular material seems to be made of a low density TPE that is very absorbent and requires very little force to deform. It rips and tears easily and is so soft that you don’t get as much sensation as you would expect from it. It is also open at the back so there is no suction when using this product.

Material: TPE
Sensation: 2 out of 10 hands
External size: mm long x 112mm diameter at maximum
Functional internal dimensions: 98mm deep
Opening (without stretching): Ø6mm
Internal ribbed path: ~ Ø 12mm
Quality: This one was made as cheaply as possible
Smell – Slightly stinky
Cleaning – Extremely easy

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

A High Quality Fleshlight, Stroker, Pocket Pussy, Masturbator, Sleeve, Onahole or whatever that won’t break.

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Are you fed up with having cheap and low quality masturbators that last for a couple days to months and then need to be thrown away? Then look no further! This Fleshlight alternative sleeve is everything a fleshlight is but without the plastic case.

Model# 5410-02-AM (according to Amazon)

  • Costs much less than a Fleshlight
  • Stands upright on it’s own
  • Excellent as a trainer or for those who like to stroke for as long as possible
  • Recommend to use with a low viscosity (thin) lubricant like Shibari
  • The “UltraSkyn” material is firmer than any other Strokers out there, even “Hard” Onaholes from Japan
  • Comes with free sample of Doc Johnson Refresh powder for taking care of the toy.
  • The firmer material allows the toy to stand on the closed end when you aren’t using it so lube drains to the back and won’t leak everywhere if you put it down.
  • Durable – the design and material will not wear easily and will probably never break on you
  • Single opening for maximum suction

Material: “UR3” “UltraSkyn (TM)” This material is more like rubber than any kind of TPE, it is very firm and has very little elasticity. It is not very lifelike. It is also sticky, so you need to keep it powdered with cornstarch.
Sensation: 1/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 130mm long x 63mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 113.4mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 11mm x 7.7mm
Quality: High
Smell: Smells slightly sweet
Cleaning: Easy to rinse out but the material is naturally tacky when it isn’t powdered, so Doc Johnson Refresh Powder (a.k.a corn starch) needs to be used after each wash to keep it from accumulating dust and dirt. Thankfully a sample of the branded powder is included with the product.

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