Honest reviews can’t be all positive. Sometimes you get a product and the negatives outweigh the positives.

So what does this one have going for it? Well, it is very small and a bit better than your hand, so if you travel a lot and absolutely have to have something that fits in your pocket this might be good. Right?

Unfortunately not. The product left oily stains on some paper I set it down on, imagine opening your bag or suitcase to find it has done the same to your clothes! It also got sticky after a single use even though I cleaned it afterwards.

And finally, the material, it is a type of TPE, but not all Thermoplastic Elastomers are created equally. So don’t think all TPE toys are going to be like this one. This particular material seems to be made of a low density TPE that is very absorbent and requires very little force to deform. It rips and tears easily and is so soft that you don’t get as much sensation as you would expect from it. It is also open at the back so there is no suction when using this product.

Material: TPE
Sensation: 2 out of 10 hands
External size: mm long x 112mm diameter at maximum
Functional internal dimensions: 98mm deep
Opening (without stretching): Ø6mm
Internal ribbed path: ~ Ø 12mm
Quality: This one was made as cheaply as possible
Smell – Slightly stinky
Cleaning – Extremely easy

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