Fleshlight girls: Jessica Drake Fleshlight “Heavenly Texture”

Okay, let me get this out of the way up front: I didn’t love the Fleshlight. But I didn’t hate it either. Everyone that reviews Fleshlights gives them glOWing reviews and that is because they want commissions from you following their link to purchase one. I bought this one with my own cash, and having reviewed the other products on this site and more, I have opinions, and I am going to share them. Both good and bad.

A word about Fleshlights in general:

Fleshlights are not made of your typical material, a fact the company is happy to tell you all about how realistic it is. In actual fact it’s formulation reminds me of the sticky hands from the 90’s (see picture below). The material is extremely stretchy but also very, very sticky. For example in untreated format (as it comes out of the box), it will instantly adhere to a paper tissue. Thankfully, it comes with a package of renew powder (corn starch) although there are no ‘before-first-use’ instructions to tell you to apply it to the outside surface to make your first experience a bit easier.

Sticky Hands

The material is also saturated with some kind of oil (you might say it is impregnated with oil 😉 that is essential to its longevity. The cleaning instructions make it very clear that soaps or cleaning products that contain detergents will degrade the sleeve, as will non-water based lubricants. This oil will also escape if you ever put the sleeve down on any kind of paper product and you will be left with an oily stain, if you can separate the paper from the sleeve that is!

Size. Oh the size. Nothing will make you feel inadequate quite like a ten inch long male sex toy. That is 25.4cm for those reading this outside the US of A. I’m something around 6″ on a good day, and this is average unless you are of a darker complexion. Fleshlight being the wonderful and considerate people that they are have made all of their Fleshlights a size 99% of the population can enjoy, even if 80% of them are only enjoying the first 50%. But jokes aside, there are some issues with the size:

It is difficult to clean and it is clearly not a flashlight, so it is quite conspicuous. Lets talk about the cleaning.

Cleaning the Fleshlight: There are removable caps at either end of the plastic case, so you shouldn’t need to remove the toy from the sleeve to clean it, unless of course you want to use your bathroom sink! Can you believe that inconsiderate bathroom engineers, made most bathroom sinks only 8″ or fewer inches deep? Well, once again the size of the Fleshlight is impractical here. I used my bathtub faucet, not stealthy. Once you have the water-based lubricant washed out you are ready for cleaning stage 2! You must dry it, but you can’t use any disposable paper product to do it because it is also incredibly sticky once it is dry. So the only option is to have a dedicated cloth (I use dish cloths). Okay so now you have managed to clean the insides (all 10″ I hope!) and also the top. well now we need to keep it dry and keep the humidity inside the thing near zero (otherwise mould will grow). Enter the “renewing powder” that wasn’t on it when you bought it. Cleaning stage 3 consists of covering the Fleshlight, your room and yourself in corn starch. Another satisfied customer! Hope you brought a change of clothes and a dust pan. Protip: I have a sealed container where I place the sleeve and corn starch and then shake it up. It helps to contain the corn starch a bit, but the above problems are still encountered since the excess corn starch that sticks needs to be removed. Your suggestions welcome on how to do this better.

With that off my chest, my last issue with Fleshlight is the price. Their enormous marketing budget has driven them to success and it is funded by the inflated price. In my opinion I consider it worthy of perhaps $50 as a premium product, but clearly there is still demand at double that price.

So with all those words about what I didn’t like, did I hate it? No. I heated it up and used a lot of lubricant and I was satisfied with the results. The best feature about it was the adjustable suction. To adjust it you can open and close the back cap to let air in or out to obtain anything between vacuum cleaner suction to no suction at all with a little trial and error.

Sensation was much milder than many of the other toys I have reviewed. However, this isn’t a bad thing, the sensation was actually very realistic when compared to actual sex. So if you want to get to the big ‘O’ quickly, this might not be the toy for you. I’d recommend one of the Ona Holes made by EXE (which I have reviewed here) for that purpose. However, if you are worried about not lasting long enough during sex and want to practice lasting longer, or simply want to do some ‘edging’, this is a very enjoyable way to do it.

Detailed specifications:
Material: Fleshlight
Sensation: 5/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 254mm long x 95mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: ~200mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 16mm x 8mm
Quality: 10/10
Smell: none
Cleaning: 1/10

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