Sword of Caesar – Toy heater by Sexymate

Simple and effective heater for your Onahole, Fleshlight or Male Stroker

Detailed specifications:
Material: ABS plastic, smooth finish
External size: 200 mm long x 23.5 mm x 24.7
Functional dimension: ~140mm of heated surface
Quality: Feels very durable, contains a small rechargeable battery, uses the same waterproof charging connector that many high end women’s vibrators use. Heats up faster than USB powered heaters thanks to internal battery, temperature control heats your Onahole to the perfect temperature.
Smell: No smell
Cleaning: Very easy

I really like the creative name of this product. I’ve been using it for a little while now and I have to say it works really well. I was a bit skeptical it would be any good at all when I ordered it because I didn’t think the ABS plastic would transfer the heat very well. I’m happy to say I was wrong and that it gets up to 42°C in just 3 minutes and 28 seconds in my real-world test. Although you do have to be a little patient when using it since it takes a minute for this internal heat to fully transfer through the ABS plastic to the outside of the heater and then for it to heat up your Onahole and lube to the same temperature takes several more minutes. So it works best if you plan to use it 15 minutes in advance, prepare your Onahole or Fleshlight and then get it heating.

The reason this product works better than ones powered directly off of USB power is because of the power limits for USB devices. The maximum USB current available is 500mA at a nominal 5V. This is 2.5W of heating power, and since they almost all use plastic cases, this means it will take a very long time for 2.5W to make the plastic warm and even longer for it to heat a relatively larger mass like an Onahole. By having a battery that is charged by USB, the Sword of Caesar has the best of both worlds since it can draw much more power, quickly from the battery and then take its time to recharge the battery later. I haven’t torn mine down to see what is inside, but most Lithium batteries are 4.2V and can discharge 1A easily, so I’d estimate the heating power of this item to be over 4.2W which is why it takes less than half the time to heat up as comparable products.

This product also has a single UV LED at the end for killing bacteria, which is a nice gimmick. I have no way of testing its effectiveness. Washing the Onahole is much easier.

The digital temperature display on the other hand is fantastic and makes it easy to tell if it is working/charging correctly.

If you would like to purchase this terrific product and help support this site:

You can buy it here!

RIDE Japan [hard elasticity spiral] Virgin loop

Onahole, Fleshlight, masturbator, review
Durable and disappointing, the very small ridges don’t provide enough stimulation

Pros and Cons:

  • Fits well in the hand
  • Unique design, large entrance is very accommodating
  • Not as hard as a Doc Johnson
  • Very easily to clean and clear so you can see any foreign materials
  • Depending on the properties of the lube you use, the temperature and how quickly you stroke it can easily be too stimulating or not stimulating at all.

Detailed specifications:
Material: Clear TPE, fairly rigid but still stretches
Sensation: 4/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 137 mm long x 64 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 113 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 20mm entrance and 12 mm main shaft
Quality: Feels very durable and the features are unlikely to tear
Smell: No smell
Cleaning: Very easy

I would recommend purchasing one of the more highly rated products on this site. While this Onahole is neigh indestructible, the sub-millimetre ridges don’t do it for me. I find it difficult to get off with this product and the ridges can become irritating. You will find better value with one of the other items such as the R-20 Puni that I reviewed recently.

The only person I’d recommend this for is somebody who has an issue with pre-mature ejaculation as it will make your dick less sensitive the more you use it, so you would be able to last longer in bed with a real woman.

If this is the case it can be purchased here:

Hard Elasticity Spiral

One Condoms – One Oasis Lubricant

One Oasis brand personal lubricant is the best to use for your Onahole or Fleshlight masturbators
One Oasis brand personal lubricant is the best to use for your Onahole or Fleshlight masturbators

Available here

I’ve tried over a dozen lubricants and most of them were more disappointment than pleasure. While I haven’t written reviews of the bad products yet, I’m writing this post first because it is far and away the best lube for toys I have tried. It stays wet for days! It stays wet even if heated with a toy heater. It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and gross after using it. It is water based and anti-bacterial. And it doesn’t have any dangerous Benzene, formaldehyde or paraben containing ingredients that so many other cheap lubricants do.

If you want to enjoy your toy, simply make the investment and pick this up. It is actually cheaper to buy it from my link above than directly from the company website once you factor in shipping and handling and you will be helping to support this site.

Order it now!

R-20 Puni Onahole Masturbator

R-20 Puni

One of the best ones out there, and highly recommended by other people in online reviews as well.

It has taken me a long time to write this review because I couldn’t put it down.

If you were going to only buy one Onahole ever, and I knew nothing else about you, this would be the safest one to recommend. It has no major issues and doesn’t break down over time like so many other products do.

So why is this one the best for almost anybody? It isn’t too tight or too loose a fit. So it will not break if you are of large girth. But the path has many nubs and bumps stinking in towards the center to guarantee anyone will enjoy it. It also isn’t too long, so everybody should be able to reach the delightful pocket at the end. I also find I prefer the single ended to the double ended products because it keeps the air out while you are using them and therefore stays lubricated and warm longer. There is also better suction and therefore greater sensation with single opening Onaholes. The material is also superior to most of the products I have reviewed. It isn’t oily, or sticky. It doesn’t absorb the lubricant. It doesn’t degrade, puncture, rip or tear easily (I still wouldn’t recommend trying to turn it inside out).

The sensation is quite good but can get to be a little too much if you are trying to do edging. There is a well designed pocket at the back with a tight circular entrance, if you fill this pocket with warmed lube it is absolutely delightful, however, if there is air in the rear pocket it can make it quite loud to use.

I strongly recommend using this with a quality water based lubricant and some kind of heating. You can heat it by running it under hot water before use or purchase a toy heater like the Sword of Caesar by Sexymate. This way you will get the most realistic experience. The lube is an absolute must for all these toys, so don’t cheap out on something that is going to dry out quickly and become a sticky mess. After reviewing many water-based lubricants, I have found that the One Oasis lubricant is terrific for both sex and Onaholes.

Get the R-20 Puni here

One caution when ordering this item is that there is another product also called R-20 with nearly identical box art. This is a review of the one with the box art shown at the top of this page (Brown haired girl). The other R-20 is in a box where the Anime girl has red hair. To get the correct product I strongly recommend using my link above.

Detailed specifications:
Material: TPE, but with a unique texture on the outside, naturally non-sticky material, no corn starch required.
Sensation: 8/10 hands for sensation. One of my favorites, better than a fleshlight.
External size: 126.6 mm long x 70.7 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 115 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 14.5 mm round
Quality: Really high quality, one of the best in my opinion
Smell: No smell
Cleaning: 5/10, it is a single hole, and there is a bit of a pocket at the back which is difficult but not impossible to clean.

To clean it simply run it under the tap with warm water and squeeze it to circulate water in and out until it feels clean. If you came inside it use a bit of hand soap and make sure the soap reaches the back of the Onahole before you rinse it out.