Onahole, Fleshlight, masturbator, review
Durable and disappointing, the very small ridges don’t provide enough stimulation

Pros and Cons:

  • Fits well in the hand
  • Unique design, large entrance is very accommodating
  • Not as hard as a Doc Johnson
  • Very easily to clean and clear so you can see any foreign materials
  • Depending on the properties of the lube you use, the temperature and how quickly you stroke it can easily be too stimulating or not stimulating at all.

Detailed specifications:
Material: Clear TPE, fairly rigid but still stretches
Sensation: 4/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 137 mm long x 64 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 113 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 20mm entrance and 12 mm main shaft
Quality: Feels very durable and the features are unlikely to tear
Smell: No smell
Cleaning: Very easy

I would recommend purchasing one of the more highly rated products on this site. While this Onahole is neigh indestructible, the sub-millimetre ridges don’t do it for me. I find it difficult to get off with this product and the ridges can become irritating. You will find better value with one of the other items such as the R-20 Puni that I reviewed recently.

The only person I’d recommend this for is somebody who has an issue with pre-mature ejaculation as it will make your dick less sensitive the more you use it, so you would be able to last longer in bed with a real woman.

If this is the case it can be purchased here:

Hard Elasticity Spiral

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