Tenga – Spiral


First up, a size comparison since I found the stock photos gave a false impression of proportion. The review will continue after the photos.

Amazon Product image – Tenga 3D Spiral
Size comparison between the Sword of Caesar toy heater, a metric ruler, and the Tenga Spiral in the display case.
A second size comparison. Keep in mind that the Zemalia Susie is on the larger side (Susie is about 1 inch smaller than a Fleshlight which is the largest handheld toy out there.)

First off, this product is tiny! It is like a 1/2 scale model of what I thought I’d be getting. It is a pocket pussy in that you can fit it in your pocket. It is literally just barely longer than the width of my hand. The geometric pattern feels a little unrealistic at first, but I found that it works just fine if I didn’t think about it.

I don’t want to be too hard on this product, it is much better than the no-name and sexflesh brand products out there. It also isn’t sticky like Fleshlights are and doesn’t need to be powdered with cornstarch after washing like some of the aforementioned products do. However, on the other hand the sensation doesn’t have that “wow” factor for me, it does the job, but no more. The truly exceptional characteristic of this is the stealth factor. Once you take the stickers off of the display case, nobody will be able to guess what it is. It is also very quiet when in use, so you won’t be waking your roommate. It is also very simple to use, I know this sounds funny, but if you have a look at my Fleshlight and Zemalia reviews they have managed to make the simple complicated!

Material: TPE – Remarks: Very stretchy, feels durable. It is a bit firmer than some of the soft toys out there but the material is very elastic and handles being inverted very well. It isn’t sticky at all, which is characteristic of high quality toys.
Sensation: 5 out of 10 hands, it isn’t realistic, takes awhile to get off, but it works, it’d be good for edging or travel since it looks rather inconspicuous.
External size: 120mm to 125mm long x 46mm diameter at maximum
Functional internal dimensions: 111mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 15mm
Quality: 10/10 remarks
Smell: No unpleasant odors
Cleaning: Extremely easy. I even feel comfortable unloading in this one since I know I can turn it inside out and throughly clean it.

One note on cleaning: When you are inverting it, anything on the inside, lube or otherwise is going to get sprayed out as the end pop out, so have it pointed down in to the sink and away from your toothbrush!

I would recommend this product for anyone who wants something they can display in their room or travel with and have nobody realize what it is. So if stealth is the most important attribute for you, then this would be an excellent and quality choice to go with.

You can get yours here

Zemalia Susie – Single ended Fleshlight alternative review

The actual Toy is much smaller than the ABS cup, it is still roughly the same size as most Onaholes, but more accommodating.

Oh man, this thing is crazy! It can be either great or terrible depending on how you use it. I think it should come with a user manual to explain how to use it correctly.

Out of the box this thing has crazy suction, there is a sticker at the rear for some degree of control over this but I ended up removing it and using my index finger since you need to open and close the vent frequently to get the best experience. Make sure you use it with tons of lube or you might hurt yourself! I would strongly recommend getting a quality toy heater with this as well for a more realistic experience.

How crazy was the suction you ask? So crazy that I had trouble removing my toy heater even though I used plenty of lube before inserting it! You could easily give your cock a hicky if you tired this without lube. Don’t do it!

When I first tried to use it with the sticker over the air vent at the rear, I was able to push it on but then could barely move it due to the extreme suction. At this point I removed the sticker and it was movable and the foam at the rear of the toy acted to limit how fast air could come in or out so that there was still quite a bit of suction. However, I got the best results when I covered the air vent with my finger while it was about 50% of the way on and then it acted like an air shock and I got a lot more sensation and it was very enjoyable and realistic.

Material: TPE – Remarks: Quality product, it isn’t sticky and is a medium/average hardness/softness
Sensation: 7 out of 10 hands
External size: 142mm long x 60 to 76mm diameter at maximum, narrows down to just 40mm diameter at end
Functional internal dimensions: 128mm deep + 35mm foam air resistor at rear of cup.
Opening (without stretching): 16.5mm x 11mm
Quality: 10/10 remarks
Smell: No unpleasant smells
Cleaning: Easy. Remove from the ABS cup and flush with water, dry it.
Bonus: It includes a slot for an integrated bullet vibrator although one is not included

If you like suction, this toy is definitely the one for you. It is a high quality product that will stand the test of time and not accumulate grime thanks to the non-sticky material and lid that are included. The plastic wrap label is also perforated down the side so your can remove it to make a plain white object. Although the ABS plastic is a different white than the lid. If stealth was really important you could paint the plastic so that it looks like a uniform solid object. Get creative and embrace your creative side!

Remarks on using it with the vibrator: TBD

I found the suction to be much more manageable than a Fleshlight and also much better than any of the single ended Onaholes I have reviewed. I would say this is the #1 in suction for sure. The internal path is a bit wider than Onaholes, so the sensation isn’t as strong, but this also means that it can be enjoyed by a larger audience. I think that the suction more than compensates for the small reduction in sensation. When used correctly the air pressure pushes the walls of the toy into contact with you, so you don’t need to be the size of a beer bottle to enjoy this.

The price to value is very good on this one since (at least in Canada) it costs $32.99 vs. the $50+ that I pay for Onaholes and it is very competitive with them.

Get yours here

(You won’t regret it!)

Naruse Kokomi+

Another quality offering from EXE, however, I personally prefer the Yurika Miyaji by EXE

The sensation is pretty good, but also less than you expect from the photos due to how soft the material is. Overall, this just means you can enjoy yourself a little longer as it still gets the job done. The material is a very good quality and gets the job done. I’m a little concerned I’d break the toy with extended use since I’m poking out the back.

Detailed specifications:
Material: TPE
Sensation: 7/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 128 mm long x 60 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 115 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 8 mm x 3.3 mm
Quality: Good quality, but not enough material at the back
Smell: Mild rubber smell
Cleaning: Mildly difficult since it is single ended and has a very small hole.

If you’d like to check it out and see more photos, visit the Amazon page for it here.

SexFlesh Mini Realistic AD986 Masturbator

Honest reviews can’t be all positive. Sometimes you get a product and the negatives outweigh the positives.

So what does this one have going for it? Well, it is very small and a bit better than your hand, so if you travel a lot and absolutely have to have something that fits in your pocket this might be good. Right?

Unfortunately not. The product left oily stains on some paper I set it down on, imagine opening your bag or suitcase to find it has done the same to your clothes! It also got sticky after a single use even though I cleaned it afterwards.

And finally, the material, it is a type of TPE, but not all Thermoplastic Elastomers are created equally. So don’t think all TPE toys are going to be like this one. This particular material seems to be made of a low density TPE that is very absorbent and requires very little force to deform. It rips and tears easily and is so soft that you don’t get as much sensation as you would expect from it. It is also open at the back so there is no suction when using this product.

Material: TPE
Sensation: 2 out of 10 hands
External size: mm long x 112mm diameter at maximum
Functional internal dimensions: 98mm deep
Opening (without stretching): Ø6mm
Internal ribbed path: ~ Ø 12mm
Quality: This one was made as cheaply as possible
Smell – Slightly stinky
Cleaning – Extremely easy

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

A High Quality Fleshlight, Stroker, Pocket Pussy, Masturbator, Sleeve, Onahole or whatever that won’t break.

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Are you fed up with having cheap and low quality masturbators that last for a couple days to months and then need to be thrown away? Then look no further! This Fleshlight alternative sleeve is everything a fleshlight is but without the plastic case.

Model# 5410-02-AM (according to Amazon)

  • Costs much less than a Fleshlight
  • Stands upright on it’s own
  • Excellent as a trainer or for those who like to stroke for as long as possible
  • Recommend to use with a low viscosity (thin) lubricant like Shibari
  • The “UltraSkyn” material is firmer than any other Strokers out there, even “Hard” Onaholes from Japan
  • Comes with free sample of Doc Johnson Refresh powder for taking care of the toy.
  • The firmer material allows the toy to stand on the closed end when you aren’t using it so lube drains to the back and won’t leak everywhere if you put it down.
  • Durable – the design and material will not wear easily and will probably never break on you
  • Single opening for maximum suction

Material: “UR3” “UltraSkyn (TM)” This material is more like rubber than any kind of TPE, it is very firm and has very little elasticity. It is not very lifelike. It is also sticky, so you need to keep it powdered with cornstarch.
Sensation: 1/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 130mm long x 63mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 113.4mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 11mm x 7.7mm
Quality: High
Smell: Smells slightly sweet
Cleaning: Easy to rinse out but the material is naturally tacky when it isn’t powdered, so Doc Johnson Refresh Powder (a.k.a corn starch) needs to be used after each wash to keep it from accumulating dust and dirt. Thankfully a sample of the branded powder is included with the product.

Amazon Link

ZEMALIA 2-in-1 Vaginal and Oral Sex Masturbator

Oral sex simulator might be more accurate

I can see why this one is the #1 Best seller in Amazon right now!


  • Extremely high build quality
  • Much larger (longer & wider) than other masturbators
  • Very realistic blowjob for the money
  • Very easy to clean (but they suggest using a hairdryer to dry it)
  • Discrete black plastic bag packaging around box


  • Less suction due to it being double ended
  • Lube can come out the end you aren’t using (as with all double ended masturbators)
  • It can be very noisy if you try to close one end
  • It works better if you remove it from the ABS case and use two hands

Other features:

  • Wider internal canal that will help anyone get inside
  • Realistic sized openings
  • Over 2 inches (~50mm) longer than most other masturbators
  • It has a tongue!

Get it here!

Detailed specifications:

Material: TPE
Sensation: 8 out of 10 hands
External size: 175 mm long (without end covers) x 80mm diameter at maximum
Functional internal dimensions: 175 mm deep
Vaginal opening (without stretching): 17mm x 3.4mm slot
Oral opening (without stretching): 28mm x 6.5mm
Quality: High quality
Smell – No Smell
Cleaning – Extremely easy

I think this would be ideal if it specialized on either Pussy or mouth for better suction and more texture in the middle of the product. For this reason, I’m listing the other models that are just one ended down below.

Other models I’d like to try out & review:

Double ended without the plastic case:

Zemalia Emalia

Pussy only:

Mouth only:

  • Zemalia Dora

Not all of these are currently being sold on Amazon.ca so I don’t have links for them.