R-20 Puni Onahole Masturbator

R-20 Puni

One of the best ones out there, and highly recommended by other people in online reviews as well.

It has taken me a long time to write this review because I couldn’t put it down.

If you were going to only buy one Onahole ever, and I knew nothing else about you, this would be the safest one to recommend. It has no major issues and doesn’t break down over time like so many other products do.

So why is this one the best for almost anybody? It isn’t too tight or too loose a fit. So it will not break if you are of large girth. But the path has many nubs and bumps stinking in towards the center to guarantee anyone will enjoy it. It also isn’t too long, so everybody should be able to reach the delightful pocket at the end. I also find I prefer the single ended to the double ended products because it keeps the air out while you are using them and therefore stays lubricated and warm longer. There is also better suction and therefore greater sensation with single opening Onaholes. The material is also superior to most of the products I have reviewed. It isn’t oily, or sticky. It doesn’t absorb the lubricant. It doesn’t degrade, puncture, rip or tear easily (I still wouldn’t recommend trying to turn it inside out).

The sensation is quite good but can get to be a little too much if you are trying to do edging. There is a well designed pocket at the back with a tight circular entrance, if you fill this pocket with warmed lube it is absolutely delightful, however, if there is air in the rear pocket it can make it quite loud to use.

I strongly recommend using this with a quality water based lubricant and some kind of heating. You can heat it by running it under hot water before use or purchase a toy heater like the Sword of Caesar by Sexymate. This way you will get the most realistic experience. The lube is an absolute must for all these toys, so don’t cheap out on something that is going to dry out quickly and become a sticky mess. After reviewing many water-based lubricants, I have found that the One Oasis lubricant is terrific for both sex and Onaholes.

Get the R-20 Puni here

One caution when ordering this item is that there is another product also called R-20 with nearly identical box art. This is a review of the one with the box art shown at the top of this page (Brown haired girl). The other R-20 is in a box where the Anime girl has red hair. To get the correct product I strongly recommend using my link above.

Detailed specifications:
Material: TPE, but with a unique texture on the outside, naturally non-sticky material, no corn starch required.
Sensation: 8/10 hands for sensation. One of my favorites, better than a fleshlight.
External size: 126.6 mm long x 70.7 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 115 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 14.5 mm round
Quality: Really high quality, one of the best in my opinion
Smell: No smell
Cleaning: 5/10, it is a single hole, and there is a bit of a pocket at the back which is difficult but not impossible to clean.

To clean it simply run it under the tap with warm water and squeeze it to circulate water in and out until it feels clean. If you came inside it use a bit of hand soap and make sure the soap reaches the back of the Onahole before you rinse it out.