Naruse Kokomi+

Another quality offering from EXE, however, I personally prefer the Yurika Miyaji by EXE

The sensation is pretty good, but also less than you expect from the photos due to how soft the material is. Overall, this just means you can enjoy yourself a little longer as it still gets the job done. The material is a very good quality and gets the job done. I’m a little concerned I’d break the toy with extended use since I’m poking out the back.

Detailed specifications:
Material: TPE
Sensation: 7/10 hands for sensation.
External size: 128 mm long x 60 mm diameter
Functional internal dimensions: 115 mm deep
Opening (without stretching): 8 mm x 3.3 mm
Quality: Good quality, but not enough material at the back
Smell: Mild rubber smell
Cleaning: Mildly difficult since it is single ended and has a very small hole.

If you’d like to check it out and see more photos, visit the Amazon page for it here.